Visit to “SamIT Global”

As part of the “Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024,” attendees visited the offices of "SamIT Global" in Samarkand. Specializing in logistics, IT education, and insurance, the company afforded participants a unique opportunity to immerse in a real working environment and glean insights into its practices.

During the session, CEO Sanjar Saidkulov underscored the company’s mission: to facilitate access to high-quality education and practical experience for emerging talents in the IT sector. Additionally, he emphasized the company’s strategic development in the global market and its readiness for beneficial cooperation.

Within the discussions, the guests demonstrated keen interest in the projects of the company, its employed technologies, and the advantages of selecting Samarkand as its office location. This dialogue served as the cornerstone for mutual understanding and the exploration of opportunities for further collaboration.

Participants of the “Offshore Outsourcing Tour 2024” expressed interest in forging partnerships with “SamIT Global” and exchanging experiences in the outsourcing sphere. This underscores the significance and relevance of the company’s activities, both within the regional context and globally.

The visit to “SamIT Global” stands as a prime example of interaction between the global business community and local companies as part of the commitment to the development of the IT outsourcing industry.