Female Startup: the startup for those willing to beat procrastination

IT Park continues to inform our subscribers about interesting and young startups. This time we want to introduce a startup that participated in the Tumaris.Tech program - the Uzbek project Growy Me and one of its founders - Nadejda Ni.

How did the idea come about?

As Nadejda recalls, the idea to launch the project arose at the end of 2019.

“We, a group of like-minded people decided to launch a project that will help people around the world develop and achieve more of their desired goals. Previously, each one of us was involved in development and business in one way or another. This love for people was the basis for launching Growy Me."

Growy Me is a platform designed for those who love to grow and help others to grow.

There, those who wish can find interactive online services, a community of like-minded people and educational materials that will help them overcome procrastination and achieve more goals that are important for themselves.

Now the project team has 4 founders and 5 full-time employees - internal and external. Timur Azamatov - CTO, Artur Pak-Vartanyan - CMO, Vyacheslav Kan - PM and Nadejda - CEO.

What benefits does the startup bring to society?

The goal of the project is to help people stop procrastinating and achieve goals that are important to them more easily.

“So people begin to understand that it is in their hands to change their lives, they become more socially responsible, proactive. Their will strengthens, thanks to which they begin to make the world around them better. A conscious person ceases to be indifferent to his own and surrounding problems.”

As the guest notes, startup brings great benefits to users, because thanks to the development and achievement of desired goals, users become more conscious.

“We do this by immersing the user in stimulating conditions that inspire them to take new actions. In the process, they transform their thinking, after which he receives a new desired result. We use IT tools and the influence of the community for this.”

For instance, the “Growy Me Habit Tracker” is a Telegram bot (and soon there will be a mobile application), where the user sets a goal, to achieve which he needs to perform daily tasks. At the same time, if at least 1 task is not completed, user pays the fine, which will be written off, and the previous progress will be reset to zero.

“If the user reaches the end, he will receive a certificate, and the amount of the fine will be returned to his internal account. Thanks to a combination of IT and special conditions with a 70% conversion rate, our users achieve their goals,” added Nadezhda.

How do you plan to develop a startup?

According to Nadejda, in order to launch a successful project, you should pay attention to the following points: it is important to find and create a product that will really benefit people and be in high demand, assemble a team of like-minded people, and also properly design and create the foundation of an international company.

“We have an international project, which is registered in the UK. We initially planned to launch the worldwide project. In Uzbekistan, the startup industry is at an early stage, the first VCs, co-working spaces are being formed, and in many respects all this is happening thanks to IT Park. I note that an important step in the formation of a fruitful startup ecosystem is a change in legislation or the formation of separate zones where English law will operate, as was done in Kazakhstan. I hope that it will be the same in Uzbekistan soon.”

Participation in Tumaris.Tech brought many benefits to the project, Nadezhda shares her impressions. This is new knowledge, and acquaintance with interesting and ambitious people, and new opportunities, thanks to the expansion of networking. The team did not receive funding for the startup. However, now they are negotiating with Uzcard VC, a preliminary agreement has been signed.

“We are growing rapidly. For 2 years, we have developed 4 types of products. Now we have clients and partners from 18 countries of the world, and several thousand people used our product. This is a good indicator, and we are not going to stop there.”

For novice startup founders, Nadejda advices not to stop when faced the difficulties.

“My top tip is: launch an MVP as cheaply and as quickly as possible. Keep it simple, do not strive to be perfectionists at the initial stage. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because without mistakes there is no development. And of course, choose partners with similar values ​​and outlook on life and business.”