Free intensive courses for girls on Full Stack Web Development

The Ministry for ICT Development, Amity University in Tashkent, IT Park, and Albison Academy launch free intensive courses on Full Stack Web Development in English for girls.

The course focuses on increasing girls’ interest in IT and provides the knowledge and skills to realize their potential in the sector.

The intensive course is free of charge and designed to train software engineers within a short time.

The application deadline is March 23. Participants must meet the following requirements in order to take the IT GIRLS course:

  • Ages between 15-28
  • IELTS 7+
  • Have a laptop

At the first stage, participants will take a course on Frontend development, at the second stage, they will have the opportunity to take a course on Backend or mobile development within 3 months.

Offline classes will proceed daily from 18:00 to 20:00 at Amity University in Tashkent.

This course is designed for girls who have just started to learn to program or have difficulty learning on their own but are fluent in English. All additional course materials will be provided in English. In addition, participants will get to attend regular training and workshops on soft skills as part of the course.

Furthermore, each student who successfully completed the course will have a chance to create a portfolio. The program is based on European standards with experienced teaching staff.

Follow the link to register and become a free course attendant:

For queries call: +998 99 700 27 57, +998 88 123 80 80, +998 90 112 27 57

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