In  Uzbekistan, joint venture with Bangladesh IT companies will be opened

From November 8 to 14, 2021, an IT Park delegation led by Director Farhod Ibragimov visited the city of Dhaka in the People's Republic of Bangladesh, accepting the invitation of the Minister of Information and Communication Technologies of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Zunaid Ahmed Palak to take part in the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT). 

Every year, more than 2 million people, 75 countries, 1,500 delegates and 100 speakers take part in “WCIT”. The main mission of the delegation of Uzbekistan was to attract interested outsourcing IT companies to the Uzbek market and the development of mutually beneficial relations between countries in the field of information technology.


The delegation managed to familiarize the conference participants with the large-scale work on the digital transformation of Uzbekistan, including the creation of the IT infrastructure of the republic, as well as with the main projects of IT Park in the development of IT outsourcing, IT education, support for IT companies and startups.

In addition to participating in the WCIT World Congress, the delegation managed to organize a number of bilateral meetings with large local organizations and IT companies, such as: Bangladesh Association of Call Centers and Outsourcing BACCO, American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB), «Hi-Tech Park», outsourcing companies «SuperTel», «KOW», «Digicon Telecommunication», «Genex», «Golden Harvest», «Fifotech» и «Dohatec».

Memorandums of Understanding have been signed with:

-Bangladesh Association of Call Centers and Outsourcing "BACCO" to attract Bangladeshi experts to analyze the BPO market in Uzbekistan and determine the country's potential, as well as provide assistance and support to members of the Bangladesh Association in creating joint ventures with Uzbek BPO companies in order to develop IT outsourcing in Uzbekistan;

-Technopark "Hi-Tech Park" for cooperation in the development of IT education, namely, in the training of personnel in the IT industry.

In addition, it was noted that currently the existing Uzbek IT outsourcing companies successfully provide services to foreign companies thanks to the comprehensive measures carried out by the government of Uzbekistan.

As a result of a number of meetings between the parties, agreements were reached on: launching a pilot project for sub-outsourcing of orders and creating 3D models, opening a number of offices of Bangladeshi outsourcing companies in Uzbekistan to work for the foreign market.

In the future, a large complex work is planned with all of the above IT companies, thanks to which at least 5 new joint ventures with Bangladeshi IT companies are expected to be created in 2022. 

Additionally, as part of the opening of joint ventures, more than 200 jobs will be created in 2022 and more than 500 until 2025, and pilot projects of IT Park residents will be launched together with Bangladeshi IT companies.

At the same time, they discussed the possibility of opening a branch of the American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB) in Uzbekistan for training specialists in the field of information technology.

It should be noted that today in Bangladesh there are more than 4,500 IT companies engaged in software development and IT services. These companies employ over 300,000 local ICT professionals. The size of the local ICT market excluding telecommunications in Bangladesh is estimated at approximately US $ 1.54 billion.