IT courses in Uzbek from residents of IT Park - PDP Academy

The Uzbek language has a vibrant and long history. The Uzbek language began to emerge in the V-VIII centuries and originates from the ancient Turkish languages. It suggests that the Uzbek language is one of the most original and significant languages passed through the centuries and subsequently managed to change and improve. The modern Uzbek language is vibrant and widespread not only in Uzbekistan but also in other Central Asian countries.

Today, living in Uzbekistan and planning to create your startup or enterprise in the IT field, you must remember that sooner or later, you will have to conduct business communication and document management in the Uzbek language. Knowledge of the Uzbek language and conducting a dialogue in it, whether business or every day, is also a kind of respect for the person with whom direct communication is performed.

The IT sector in Uzbekistan is rapidly gaining day by day and follows all modern trends. The IT sphere is becoming more and more meaningful in the country every day and occupies more priority places. Thanks to this positive trend, the demand for IT courses in Uzbek is growing, pushing entrepreneurs and IT professionals to create all the necessary conditions for those who want to learn and master the IT profession.

Thus, various training centers and academies are being created to teach digital technologies, among which there are academies where you can learn IT skills in the Uzbek language, which makes the IT-sphere in Uzbekistan even more accessible. One of these academies is the IT Academy of the PDP in Tashkent. PDP IT Academy is an Academy where you can learn such relevant IT specializations as Android development, Python development, Frontend, etc. And most importantly, all these courses are available in Uzbek, enabling most of the population to get into the IT-sphere.

"It's nice that the future generation of Uzbekistan is much more technologically advanced. We draw similar conclusions based on the fact that our youngest student is 15 years old. And it should be noted that there are a lot of talents among young people who are sure to become founders of their companies, startups, or employees of large companies shortly, thereby contributing to the development of our country!

By the distribution of Russian-language courses, as a rule, the uniqueness of our system lies in the ease of interpretation for the majority of those who want to learn to program from the regions of Uzbekistan, since there is not enough high-quality educational content in the Uzbek language in the field of IT programming on the Internet. This is the fundamental reason for creating our exclusive and accessible online course,” said Odilbek Mirzayev, founder of PDP IT Academy.

Education in the native language becomes available

All the details of the educational platform are aimed at making it easier to get new information. Now students choose how many hours and at what time of day to study. They learn at a pace that is convenient for them. They can choose a "light" mode, or they can select the "intensive" method. They manage their own time and set deadlines for completing tasks. They receive a detailed and straightforward answer to any relevant question from a personal consultant and acquire knowledge in a comfortable environment in their native language from the best teachers, each of whom shares their knowledge and experience. Teachers help students learn without wasting time on mistakes. After all, the most valuable and only thing we have today is time.

And indeed, thanks to such a young generation striving to develop and become the most vital IT specialists and affordable IT courses in Uzbek, the development of the IT sector in Uzbekistan can accelerate significantly. This, in turn, will increase the demand not only for IT courses in Uzbek but also for knowledge of the Uzbek language in General.

Contacting in the Uzbek language is, first of all, understanding of the culture of the people and, of course, compassion and respect for the history of Uzbekistan, which every citizen should know and remember.