Meetup: Business development and new markets

On May 24, 19:00 Tashkent time, Startup Meetup will be held online on the theme “Business development and entering new markets” with Liron Pinhas and Yoav Ben-Shalom.

At the meetup, speakers will give advice on successful business development and entering new markets. They will also touch upon the theme of marketing and its use in business.

The event will be held online in English. You can apply for participation until May 24, 12:00 at the link:

Information about the speakers

Liron Pinkhas is an Israeli businessman and entrepreneur with over 13 years of management experience in industries such as the information technology industry, event planning and implementation, talent management, cybersecurity, software development and more.

Specializes in business development and opened new markets for Israeli companies and talents in over 20 countries, established over 10 companies/business units. Skilled and experienced customer service manager, established a number of successful help desks and service centres.

Yoav Ben-Shalom – has spent the past decade in advanced foreign relations and crisis management at the government level, working in the strategic-level departments of Israel's leading political parties. Over the years, he has specialized in branding, marketing and user experience, working as a consultant and project manager in high-tech and research companies, think tanks and ministries.

The specialist shares his experience by lecturing and working as a mentor in various educational institutions in Israel, such as Tel Aviv University, Open University, Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), International Center for Research and Innovation in High Technology (NIT), and more.