More than 40 foreign companies became residents of IT Park this year

The number of residents in IT Park is constantly growing. As previously noted, in January, 75 companies became residents of IT Park, and in February, the growth rate accelerated, with 134 new companies gaining this status. Thus, the total number of resident companies by the end of February 2024 reached 1,828.

Primarily among the new residents are educational companies (49), reflecting a high demand for training and development of IT personnel. Following are software development companies (29) and service companies (28), indicating a growing interest in high-quality IT services in Uzbekistan. The proportion of BPO companies among the new residents of IT Park remains stable, with 21 such companies added in February.

49 companies are export-oriented, and 24 have foreign capital participation. Although the majority of new residents represent Uzbekistan, the geographic diversity of foreign companies is impressive: Russia (8), the United States (6), South Korea (2), and one company each from Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Cyprus, Egypt, Pakistan, and Tajikistan.

As of today, there are 464 foreign companies among the residents of IT Park, with 41 joining since the beginning of 2024, and more than two hundred new companies with foreign capital are expected by the end of the year. Such broad coverage underscores the international appeal of IT Park and Uzbekistan as destinations for conducting IT business.

Among the new residents, it is noteworthy to mention Silkroad Software, a company with American capital participation, providing services in the development and technical support of software products. Additionally, it is notable that Voltiva, a company nominated for the mGovAward, has become a resident of IT Park.

At the end of December 2023, new types of activities were approved, under which companies are already being registered. Among the new residents in February are Plug and Play, offering acceleration program services, and the venture fund AloqaVentures.

Furthermore, DIP Animation Studio, specializing in the development of animation products, has become a resident. It is the creator of the cartoon Pomidor Do'ppi, which is broadcast on the Milliy television channel.

What benefits does resident status provide?

The resident status exempts from all types of corporate taxes. Specifically, non-residents pay corporate tax ranging from 4-15%, while residents are exempt from it. The social tax for non-residents is 12%, whereas for residents, it is 0%. The personal income tax for non-residents is 12%, while for residents, it is 7.5%. Non-residents are subject to VAT on imported services, whereas residents are not.

How to become a resident of IT Park?

To apply for residency, you need to log in to the personal account on the website using the EDS of the company. In the “Applications” section, you are required to submit a business plan for consideration by the Expert Council. Term of consideration: 15 working days.

The full list of IT Park residents can be found at the link.