Startup Story: How a student managed to launch the wide-scale startup?

We proceed sharing the success stories of various projects as part of our Startup Story special edition. This time, let us introduce the Mentor Me project and its founder Abubakr Abduvakhidov. 

About the project

Abubakr, 22, is a graduate of Amity University Tashkent and works as a software engineer at EPAM Systems.

In 2021, he came up with an idea for a startup Mentor Me that was designed to significantly facilitate the work of mentors and mentees. This would serve as a platform for mentors and mentees to find each other.

As Abubakr recalls, the idea to launch a startup emerged spontaneously.

‘In 2021, I launched my own course on programming that educated many young students who eventually got into successful companies. At the same time, the majority of students and applicants turned to us for help in matters of admission, choosing a profession or educational institution. When I got to EPAM, I saw that they have a mentoring system, after which I began to explore the direction of mentoring around the world. This prompted the creation of such a project.’

What benefits does the project bring to society?

Mentor Me is a platform that brings mentors and mentees together in one place, facilitating their interaction to help them achieve their desired results, a community contributes into making the world a better place.

According to Abubakr, the goal of the project is to increase the number of top professionals in Uzbekistan by at least 2 times, thereby increasing their earnings.

‘Our startup provides an opportunity to use the services of experienced professionals from various fields of business and ICT. We would like to increase the number of mentors and their involvement in different areas of the economy, becoming a platform that connects mentors and mentees.’

Now the project team consists of 5 people: Abubakr - CEO, manages the entire process, Ramziddin - manages processes and works on ideas, Khairullo - UX specialist and analyst, Saidkamol - UI designer, Khabibullo - frontend developer.

The main mission of the team is to help specialists by providing them with mentoring opportunities, as well as for wards - the necessary opportunities for developing their careers.

What was the most challenging part of the project?

As Abubakr recalls, the difficulties in the process are an integral part of the startup.

‘Thinking that everything is going to be easy and smooth from the first try is impossible. When we launched Mentor Me, the most difficult thing for us was identifying the target audience, building a business model and finding people. But we managed, the key is you should never stop and do not drain into stagnate.’

How are you developing the project?

As Abubakr admits, so far their team has won grants totaling $11,000.

‘We were lucky to win several grants. Now we use them to develop the project and for marketing purposes, as they are one of the main points of activity in startups. In addition, funds are spent on bettering the website and advertising’

The team is not planning to stop there. They want to boost the startup even more, and maybe, in the future, enter foreign markets.  

‘I think that every project will one day gets to the point where you need to move on. We also hope that all the most interesting things are ahead of us, and that Mentor Me will be success not only in Uzbekistan, but abroad as well.’

Abubakr gives an advice to aspiring startup founders not to be afraid to experiment and look for new ways to solve issues.

“Whatever happens, don't give up. Make conclusion, look for something new, and don't get hung up on solving a problem the solution to which does not exist."

Mentor Me