Startup Story: how project ArzonArenda was created?

We continue to acquaint readers with the stories of startup launches within the rubric Startup Story. Today we want to present you ArzonArenda project.

About the project

39-year-old Maruf Jurabaev founded projects such as, pitak24 and

According to Maruf's recollections, the idea to create a startup ArzonArenda arose after a problem that he himself faced.

 When we needed to move our office and production to another location, and we were looking for a building, we always came across the same intermediaries, the same ads.  Then, in agreement with the team, we had the idea to create a separate project a rental portal, and we decided to test it through the Telegram bot.  We chose the name ArzonArenda and got to work.

At first they added only houses and apartments to the database, later they added all the buildings for rent.

“When we started advertising the project, we were contacted by car rental companies and asked to add a car rental section.  We consulted the founder of ArzonApteka, Murat Makhkamov, who guided us, and he said why not add.  So we added a car section, and it was warmly received by entrepreneurs”.

At the moment, the project has 48500 active users, 1120 buildings, 100 private houses, 850 non-residential buildings, more than 400 car rentals.  On average, there are about 1000 search queries per day.

What are the benefits of a startup?

Now there are 4 people in the team: Azizbek Madaminov co-founder, Farrukh Elomonov programmer, Dilshod Abdullaev moderator, tester, Mustafa Muhammadov designer and Maruf moderator and analyst.

Azizbek Madaminov, a specialist in digital marketing, PR and startups, was invited to the team by Maruf himself.  They knew each other from previous projects, their joint work brought good results, so this time the guys decided to unite again.  Azizbek agreed to work in the team as a co-founder because he saw the future in this project.

After a long study of competitors' websites, Azizbek suggested making an application in Tinder format.

“When a user searches for accommodation on a regular site, he performs too many actions and wastes time and effort.  Those who use Tinder app know that there, when looking for a partner, a swipe to the left means dislike, to the right like.  Azizbek proposed the same scheme, that is, the selection of apartments according to the type of swipes”.

Based on the user's preferences, the following results will be similar to those they liked.  In addition, after filling in the necessary parameters and filters, the system provides up-to-date ads and the ability to immediately view photos and videos of housing (360 degrees), and in the future, the team even plans to create a virtual reality function.

The advantage of the project, according to Maruf, is to establish direct contact with the customer without intermediaries and to ensure low prices.

“When developing the idea, our team sought to create convenience for people.  The goal of the project is to connect landlords and tenants directly without intermediaries and significantly reduce prices on the rental market.  At the moment, the application for iOS and Android on Flatter is 90 percent ready, we will present it soon.  Before the end of the year, we plan to go to neighboring countries”, – says the hero.

How do you want to develop the project?

First of all, Marouf notes, it is developed for the local market, and then the startup will be presented to European and Arab countries.

 “Our business is funded – we develop at our own expense. But we do not plan to stop there. If the project is marking time, then it will not develop, and we are aimed at conquering new horizons. This will allow not only the startup to grow, but also us, the founders.”

 In addition, the team plans to innovate in their project.

“After studying the market, our colleague Azizbek proposed in the future to introduce a system for renting things, studios, specialists, as the market trend and generation Z is moving towards conscious consumption and minimalism in everything.  For example, someone plans to start construction or renovation, for some time this person will need tools and equipment.  Does it make sense to buy them if in the future the need for them disappears?  This is also beneficial for the seller of construction equipment, because he can earn more from the cost of the product by renting it out.”

What was the most difficult thing about working on a startup?

As the hero recalls, the most difficult thing in working on the project was working with clients.

“Everyone is used to simple Telegram channels and groups, so it was difficult for many to work through the bot.  In fact, the Telegram bot is very convenient: it provides you with information on exactly the right parameter and you don’t have to scroll through channels and groups for hours”.

For start-ups, Maruf wants to focus on one project.

“We realized how important it is to focus on one project only in the course of work.  I advise startups not to be scattered, to study their direction and topic in detail, and also to work hard.  Sooner or later, hard work will pay off”.