Success Story: a school student working as a Frontend developer at Mohirdev company at the age of 16

Usmanov Alisher was born in the Jondor district of Bukhara region. Currently, he is a 9th grade student of school No. 31 in the same district.

For 1.5 years, he has been working as a junior Frontend developer at the Mohirdev company.

His interest in the IT field initially began with studying the development of apps for Android devices. Additionally, the desire to create robotics and apps also motivated him to become a programmer.

Our hero noted that it was quite difficult to find training courses when he wanted to start learning programming, and online classes were no substitute for practice.

Although he has not been programming for a long time, over the past 6 months he has successfully completed 3 major projects and now he continues progressing.

He mentioned that when a problem arises, he struggles to find a solution and needs to gain more experience to solve it like all programmers..

Alisher emphasized that it is necessary to work more with the team, communicate with senior programmers and learn their working methods and what methods they use to solve the problem.

Our hero completed online Frontend classes and MERN programming course at the Fulfil Education Center. Monthly income starts from $300.

In the future, he dreams of starting his own company specializing in this field, as well as working for large companies such as Google, Amazon, Uber.

Alisher shows by his example that anyone with passion can become IT-specialist. The main thing is to strive, work and interest in learning. And IT Centers help to realize these goals. Maybe you will be the next hero of our column?