Success Story: an amateur developer that created his own trading platform

Kamron Zaripov was born in 2003 in Tortkul district of KarakalpakstanRepublic.

20 year-old Kamron first invested through overseas platforms in 2018 to become an online investor in order to achieve financial freedom. But after realizing the working system of these platforms and where the source of income comes from, he started working as a coder.


He talked about how he successfully implemented projects in IT Park, an Indian developer who abused his trust, and the importance of a team in achieving goals in IT industry.


What courses did you take to become a developer?


I did not go to special courses to become a developer. I was learning mainly through video tutorials. Depending on what you want, you can memorize or download special codes by watching videos from YouTube or other subscription platforms.


During my personal experience, I didn't not attend courses because I didn't want to work in certain government or private organizations. However, I do not recommend it to others. Because everyone has a different level of perception and mastery. Based on this, I can say that in order to get a job in IT Park, banks, private companies working with software systems or other organizations related to this field, it is necessary to attend special training courses. Because when you start working, you will not have the opportunity to use the codes or ready-made algorithms in the videos to solve the problem.


So far, international partners and me participated and successfully completed over 25 projects. I personally have successfully completed 7 projects.


Most of the partners are from Russia, India and Kazakhstan. India has the cheapest labor in all industries.

I personally take 3 days to complete one project. However, the truth is most programmers sit down in front of their laptop to complete the work on the day of the deadline. In addition, the previous days are just busy with basic algorithms.


Income streams and failure


When I was working in the IT field, my income was above average. I spent the main part of the funds on personal needs and updating work equipment.


The programmer definitely knows the programmer's secret. There is a dark side to this industry. Even so, there is a high probability of false transactions between customers who trust you and those you trust.

I have come across a situation in my experience. I developed it myself to pay for the service if I reach an agreement with a foreign partner. I was making a false payment through the platform. After reviewing the project, I would transfer the real money to the developer's account.

At some point, I wanted to buy a ready-made platform from an Indian "developer" that I really needed for trading in the stock market.

I was in such a hurry that I didn't do what I always do and transferred the money to his account (he didn't want to disclose the amount). I could not find that Indian person again and a huge amount of money went in vain.

However, despite this, I continued to work and distributed my funds equally, and engaged in the work of placing a personal token called "SARMOYA" on the exchange platform I created ( Later, I was able to get a license to carry out brokerage activities from the UZEX Republican Commodity Exchange.

Currently, we are delivering products that are in high demand from the stock exchange to primary hands. As a brokerage, company income tax is 25%. We receive a commission of approximately $50 for each sale.

Due to this, the amount of income I receive in programming has halved.


The importance of teamwork in IT

I don't consider my current career as a failure. However, the role of the team is very important to move forward successfully and grow in the IT field. Because big projects are always done together with the team. If there are people who do not have a unanimous opinion, the team will definitely split.

It happened to us too. We worked together with our team. But what we did was limited to simple mobile apps and games. We parted ways. Some people started working in government offices, some in private companies. So, my adventures in the field of IT were temporarily stopped.


But my goals have not stopped. We have recently signed a contract with Yandex Games, and we intend to place small and easy games on website.