Success Story: From video game lover to developer of international IT projects

IT Park continues to share life stories of professionals who have proven that age cannot be a barrier to success.

The hero of todayʼs column is Muhammadjon Qobuljonov. He was born and raised in the Asaka district of Andijan region. Currently, he is a 2nd-year student of professional college No.2 in the same district.

Our hero entered the field of programming at age 13. He is a programmer and web designer by profession.

From a young age, Muhammadjon had a great interest in this area. Given the high demand for digital professionals, he decided to enter the IT field.

He said that in the beginning, all classes were conducted remotely, which made the learning process somewhat difficult.

Later, he studied at the IT Center, which opened in 2020 and completed courses organized by UDM, “One Million Uzbek Coders” and Mohirdev.

Currently, he is a training specialist at the training center. Freelancer. Average income is $700 to $1000 per month.

Despite his young age, our hero managed to successfully complete more than 20 projects. Countries such as Russia and Belarus were also among his projects.

According to Muhammadjon, the role of teamwork is very important in the IT field. When creating projects, he believes that if Frontend and Backend parts are performed by individual specialists, it will be completed more qualitatively and faster.

In the future, he dreams of reaching the level of a senior developer and forming a freelance working team.

Muhammadjon shows by his example that anyone with passion can become IT-specialist. The main thing is to strive, work and interest in learning. And IT Centers help to realize these goals. Maybe you will be the next hero of our column?