Success story of iVenture Accounting Group, which is developing its business in Uzbekistan with IT Park’s assistance

We are continuing our column introducing you to the stories of IT Park residents who have chosen Uzbekistan for developing their businesses. In this interview, a representative from iVenture Accounting Group, Akmal Rahimov, shares insights into their expansion strategy in Uzbekistan and outlines future plans.

iVenture Accounting Group is headquartered in the state of Maryland, USA, specializing in providing comprehensive accounting and tax services for both local and international clients.

iVenture’s entry into the Uzbekistan market began with a thorough analysis of emerging markets, where Uzbekistan drew the company's attention due to its rapidly growing economy.

“Uzbekistan, with its dynamic economic landscape and strategic location, presented an excellent opportunity for iVenture Accounting Group to contribute to the country’s financial sector growth”, says Akmal. “The government’s commitment to economic reforms and the availability of skilled professionals further influenced our decision. The accounting services industry in Uzbekistan is currently experiencing growth driven by increasing demand for high-quality financial expertise, which is favorable for further expansion and development. Additionally, it’s worth noting that our innovative accounting practices are relatively new to Uzbekistan.”

As of now, the company has witnessed positive trends in key metrics, including client portfolio and number of employees.  

Residency in IT Park became the primary reason iVenture chose to conduct its business in Uzbekistan. The comprehensive infrastructure, tax incentives, and many other benefits offered by IT Park align with the company’s commitment to leverage technology in accounting services.

Akmal Rahimov notes that Uzbekistan boasts a rich pool of talent, and iVenture Accounting Group has successfully attracted skilled local professionals. Additionally, the company has focused on nurturing local talents and holds optimistic view of the future of the IT sector in Uzbekistan. The ongoing technological advancements and government’s support for innovation position the country as a key player in the global tech industry.

iVenture Accounting Group has ambitious plans for its future in Uzbekistan. The company aims to significantly increase its workforce, fostering job creation, and expand its client base.