Workshop: "How to save money and spare the nerves on MVP and marketing"

On September 22 at 18:00, the Tashkent branch of IT Park will host a Startup Advice for IT companies and startups on the topic "How to save money and spare the nerves on MVP and marketing."

The speaker of the meeting will be Azizbek Kurbonov, co-founder and CMO of InsurTech startup Sug'urta Bozor, which makes it 10 times easier to buy insurance policies online. 

Azizbek will share with the participants his personal experience of launching a startup and talk about ways that can help simplify the work at many stages of launch. So, he will tell the guests how to make an MVP and promote it, as well as how to test hypotheses in order to save their own money and the investor's money.

Through participation in the session, the audience learns the tools to effectively and inexpensively test ideas for which the products are not yet ready, and that there does not have to be a final product to launch the project.

The session will proceed in Russian and Uzbek languages. Entry is free. Limited seats available.

Register at the link until September 21 (12:00):

 Venue: Makhtumkuli, 1A, Tashkent (IT Park Tashkent).

Recall that the Sug'urta Bozor project managed to attract investments in the amount of $100,000 from the UzVC venture fund.

Sug'urta Bozor is the first marketplace of insurance services in Uzbekistan. The project aims to bridge the gap between insurance companies and the public. As co-owner Azizbek Kurbonov noted, Sug'urta Bozor helps the population to insure themselves against risks, and insurance companies to increase sales of their products by providing them with an additional online sales channel.