Corporate accelerator: webinars from speakers from Uzbekistan and Russia! 

IT Park, together with Ucell, organized the first corporate accelerator in Uzbekistan. To help you understand what it is and what the value of the accelerator is, we decided to hold three masterclasses with the best specialists from Uzbekistan and Russia. It is better to see for yourself the coolness of the accelerator than to hear about it 100 times.

Briefly about masterclasses: 

The first masterclass:

Topic: "Confirmation of demand";
Speakers: Akmal Vasiliev and Elena Karandasheva;
Date: October 2, 2020;
Time: 19:00.

- For every startup founder, it is essential to know whether their product has a real demand in the market before you start investing money and time in it. In this webinar, speakers will use various methodologies to study consumers and understand their real needs, separating them from enthusiastic desires. The lecturers will be the Director of the DGP Agency, Akmal Vasiliev, and the operations Manager, Elena Karandasheva.

The second masterclass: 

Topic: "The promotion of a startup";
Speaker: Alexander Solovyov;
Date: October 5, 2020;
Time: 19:00.

- We live in a time of great competition, especially in the global market. In these circumstances, it is critical to be able to stand out from other products and companies. Alexander Solovyov, co-founder of Marketing, Marketing Academy, and (USA), will tell you what to do to beat competitors in local markets and enter international markets.

Third master class:

Subject: "Rapid growth";
Speaker: Bobir Nurmukhamedov;
Date: October 7, 2020;
Time: 19:00.

- One of the main characteristics of a successful startup is constant and rapid growth. But how do you find the right points so that you don't waste time on something that won't be beneficial? Our expert is Bobir Nurmukhamedov, with extensive experience in Projects such as Korzinka, EasyTaxi, etc. Bobir will tell you how to grow a startup quickly, find growth points, and use them to their full potential.

All masterclasses will be held in the format of webinars. Take part and get rid of doubts about the corporate accelerator, and most importantly - from self-doubt! 

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