IT Events: A Guide to Learning and Events in the world of technology

How to fill the upcoming three-day weekend and the new week? Correctly — with engaging events, beneficial courses, and internship programs. Here is a compilation to keep abreast of the latest happenings!

Education and internships

  1. Participate in the QA internship program by Vention and gain the opportunity to become an employee of the company. Details
  2. Submit your application for a free 2-month internship in the fundamentals of automated testing. Details
  3. Students majoring in technical specialties, hurry to enroll in the .NET Core development course offered by Qulix. Details
  4. Young women from Karakalpakstan, aged 15 to 24, have the opportunity to submit applications for a digital literacy, programming, and robotics education program. Details
  5. Engage children in the creation of an exciting game on Unity. Details


  1. Share your journey to success in the IT field and become one of the five recipients of valuable prizes. Details
  2. Complete in as many courses as possible on the platform and stand a chance to win a laptop. Details